Time to Learn How to Bluff Playing Poker Online


Make no mistake about it, unless you learn how to bluff playing poker online you are going to either make no money or lose all your money. The only way that you can start moving your bankroll in the right direction is stealing pots every once in a while. Don't become one of those players who feels they have to wait for the nuts before they push all in or you are going to be reloading more than scooping chips.

Here is how you learn how to bluff like the best players at the poker site.

To get your confidence and see how easy bluffing can be, we start with the blinds. The blinds offer you minimal reward but the risk is extremely low. All you should be concerned with at this point is gaining confidence. Wait until you see a player who always folds their blind, then raise the pot when you have the button against them. In time you will spot more of these players and be able to bluff more per session. 

The next play is when an ace hits anywhere on the board. Pay close attention to the better, because what you are looking for is them checking after betting street after street. Once they check, you drop a big enough bet that they think they are now behind and have to second guess themselves.

The final spot is usually on the river, this is a high reward spot but has a bigger degree of risk. If a draw makes it by the river, you wait to see how the betters respond. When they all check for fear someone sucked out, you bet.

Don't get overwhelmed or frustrated here, the name of the game is to make small improvements one day at a time.

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