Tips for Bluffing Better Playing Online Poker


The key to winning huge pots when you are playing poker on the internet is bluffing. Now this does not have to be the only play you make, but it has to be a big part of your game. The reason being is the best players are consistently bluffing and stealing pots and every opportunity to be able to ride out losing patches. By starting small, you too can build up a nice little bankroll to sustain you longer.

The first thing to focus on is stealing the blinds. The blinds are going to be very low reward but low risk too. Keep an eye out for the players who are always folding their hands when other players push up the action before the flop. If you spot a weak player who is always folding in these cases, then you do the same when it is your turn and start getting in the habit of scooping free chips.

The next time to work on your bluffing is when you see the ace on board. There are many players who bet their hands and then all of a sudden stop when they see an ace because they think that they are now behind in the hand. If you spot this easy tell, that is your chance to push in a big bet to scare off the rest of the players. Since they are already afraid that you are ahead of them, chances are pretty good that they will not want to fight with you on this hand.

The same applies to the river, when a number of different draws make it. When the bettor pulls back to check, push in a huge bet to scare them off their hand and the pot. These are just some key opportunities to start bluffing more readily.

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