Bully Your Way to Online Poker Profits


One of the ways that you can explode your online poker profits is to just become a pot bully. This is a strategy that usually works against weak players who you can spot a mile away. Here are a few ways to spot those weak players and take their chips at will.

You should have no trouble spotting the weak player at the judi online table. Each time they are in the blinds, as soon as anyone raises the pot, they instantly fold. They don't care who makes the bet, they don't depend those blinds unless they have a premium hand. Knowing this, when you have the button, rise up the blinds and scoop the pots. If they do call, you know they have a premium hand and you can either continuation bet or see what happens.

The weaker players will be their hands until they fear a stronger hand was made. No care strikes fear in the hearts of weak players like the ace. If the ace hits the board and you are still in the hand, raise it up and get those players to fold their hands. If you do this enough, those weak players will come to fear your big bets and just pay you off to see the next flop.

If you do make it to the river and a weak player stops betting because the draw made it, time to represent that draw. The bet on the river has to be big enough that you scare them off their hand, no matter how good they think it may be. When a weak player has to make a decision for all their chips, they tend to play on the side of caution.

Now you see how being the table bully can help explode your profits. Best thing, you can do it every other day because you may never see the same people at the poker tables.